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Olive: Is It Desperation That Is Driving Africans To Fight In Ukraine?

Four days into the Russian invasion of Ukraine, President Volodyrmr Zelenskyy called on citizens worldwide to volunteer in the fight against Russian war criminals, a war against democracy, basic human rights and one aimed at distorting the global order of law.

At the just concluded Grammys, Zelenskyy made a surprise appearance on a video platform where he introduced American singer John Legend, who sang a song to comfort Ukrainians. He also urged the audience to tell the truth about the war and suffering happening in Ukraine on their social media platforms and extend help in all forms.

Responding to Zelensky’s plea, a number of volunteers from Africa and Asia took to their feet, flew into the country to assist the Ukrainians military in countering the Russians.

Since then, some volunteers have alleged unfair conditions including racism. RX Radio presenter James Onen aka Fatboy alleged that a number of videos on social media showed volunteers complaining of being given insufficient armor to protect themselves in the war in addition to being sent to fight on the front lines.

“At the beginning of the conflict, Zelenskyy beseeched mercenary fighters to go to the Ukrainian embassies in their respective countries and arrange to go and fight the Russians. When these conscripts showed up in Ukraine, they'd be put at the front line. In war, inexperienced fighters are the ones put at the front line to be cannon fodders. The veterans are kept for more vital missions because they have experience,” he explained.

“Is it desperation that is driving our people to make such terrible suicidal decisions?” Olive Najjuma the co-host asked

Fatboy reasoned that because of media bias and the grave image painted about the war,Volunteers must have been persuaded to fight on behalf of Ukraine.

Olive rather argued that the neo-colonialism mindset in especially Africans is what led them to Ukraine yet Africa which is struggling with insecurities and long standing wars has not yet called for volunteers such as the war in Sudan and the Tigray crisis in Ethiopia.

“People in Tigray down here are dying but no one is offering themselves to lay their lives for them. There has been a war in South Sudan for so many years but when the white man speaks (and am not being racist)! seriously what makes us so desperate and suicidal that we even go to lay down our lives for them?” she demanded.

Forty days into the war, Ukraine suffered losses of property worth 565 billion dollars. According to Reuters, a total of 900 civilians have lost their lives with over 10 million people displaced as Russia continues the invasion despite tens of sanctions.

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