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Olive: IGG’s Approach Towards Fighting Against Corruption is Irrational

RX Radio’s Olive Najjuma and Daniel Omara have expressed dissatisfaction over the new proposed approaches to fight corruption suggested by the Inspector General Of Government (IGG) Betty Kamya.

Honorable Betty Kamya in her quest to curb corruption, vowed to end the vice in public offices and to hold accountable those who mismanage public funds while in delegation with the European Union in Uganda.

In a tweet, she suggested that 10-year-old children in the 5th grade at posh schools should be given homework to write down their father’s name, place of work, job title, car they drive, its cost and a picture of the home, as something that will help to fight corruption from grassroot levels.

“Assuming that my child is in a posh school, how then would pictures of my car, house and wealth, help against the fight of corruption? Why would the IGG suggest such a measure? Did she think of whether it is applicable because it sounds very unreasonable,” Olive commented.

She added that the move is more discriminatory due to the fact that some children who attend such schools aren't necessarily well off at home, but only because their parents want them to acquire sound education.

“I can attest to this because I attended Greenhill Academy but my school fees were higher than my brother’s university tuition fees. So I think we should be training kids to be better people instead of telling them to report incomes that will even more likely be inaccurate. Secondly, we should let children be children without dragging them into battles like these that aren’t theirs to fight,” Daniel reasoned.

Furthermore, Olive appealed to the IGG to refrain from making unresearched statements if they are to convince the public to rally behind corruption fights, arguing that people always want viable solutions to struggles before they back them.

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