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Olive: I Wouldn’t Judge Someone For Sleeping With A Person They Have Known In A Week

The time for new couples to have sex differs from one to the other, and so does how the relationship turns out thereafter.

Over time, the question as to whether having sex out of the way strengthens or breaks the bond between partners is one to ponder since different attempts to tackle the question have not yielded satisfactory results. The experiences tend to differ from couple to couple.

Speaking about whether relationships that start with sex last longer than those that wait, Olive Najjuma, the RX Radio presenter, said that she doesn’t believe in one-night stands, but maintaining a relationship differs from couple to couple.

“Would I judge someone for having sex after a week when they met, no? What I am against is sleeping around. If you met a guy in a week, and you feel comfortable, you have done the necessary tests, why not?” she asked.

Traditionally, Fatboy said relationships would begin with a personal meeting with a partner of their interest to learn more about them. “Once they both feel ready to get intimate, conversations on the nature of the relationship follow. After establishing what they want in a relationship, then they go ahead to partake of intimacy,” said Fatboy.

However, Olive argued that the formula to make relationships work is non-constant. She said sometimes people who wait too long to have sex end up breaking up once the sex is done.

“I have heard stories of girls that strung along guys for like a year, and when they had the sex, the guy moved on, and then in some cases, the guys stayed and married them,” she said.

According to Pius a caller on the show, if the two partners have consented, then it is upon them to do what they want though there could be repercussions.

“Psychologically, it has a few consequences because if it is the first date, and before you know it, the woman finds herself at the guy’s place. After sleeping together, the moment of reckoning comes in. If you are a guy, you will wonder if that is how fast she gives it to everyone.

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