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Olive: General Muhoozi's Tweets Portray The President As Weak

The tweets of Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba have caused a lot of controversy on Twitter, with confusion over whether he runs his account sober.

Recently, the first son caused diplomatic tensions between Uganda and neighboring country Kenya when he joked about his army’s capability to capture Nairobi within two weeks.

In an interview with local television, President Museveni assured the masses that Gen. Muhoozi will leave Twitter because the platform is not the problem but the content posted.

Responding to Museveni's statement, Gen. Muhoozi tweeted, “I hear some journalist from Kenya asked my father to ban me from Twitter. Is that some kind of joke? I am an adult, and NO ONE will ban me from anything!” the General exclaimed.

James Onen, The Fatboy Show presenter, said that even though he is making Twitter an interesting platform by disregarding his father’s statements, I wondered what message he was showing the public.

Given that the President has maintained the stance of being against his son’s Twitter content, Olive (The Fatboy Show co-host) thinks the President is neither promoting his son’s prominence on social media nor publicly rebuking him.

“Since the tweets about invading Kenya, the President has maintained his stance. So, in my opinion, General Muhoozi's tweets make his father look weak,” she said.

Furthermore, Fatboy said that the questions about Muhoozi’s tweets keep popping up in front of his father in media interviews adding fuel to the fire for him to keep content flowing.

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