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Olive:Church Owners in dire need to open church ‘business'

RX Radio presenter Olive has attacked the continuous outcries made by church owners seeking to reopen places of worship, saying it's a means to get them back to operating business.

This comes after city lawyer and self-proclaimed ‘son’ of Prophet Mbonye, Simon Senyonga blamed the continued closure of churches on the ill-advice given to the President by his scientists. While appearing on a morning show on NTV, Senyonga challenged the advice, saying that there is no scientifically proven evidence to show that churches are dangerous spreaders of the virus as compared to arcades.

However, Olive opined that arcades are able to promote social distancing with one or two people sitting in different shops while they attend to clients. Churches, she said, confine over 500 people together at the same time while all breathe the same air.

She added, “When I'm shopping from an arcade, the seller and I will both be wearing masks but in church, people are singing, praying on top of their voices, falling this and that way which is very dangerous.It has always been said that churches are not businesses but if they aren't, why are their owners crying more than their congregation? If we are comfortable attending church online and on TV back home, why is it that the church owners are making noise?”

In consideration of this fact, her Co-host Fatboy mentioned that churches have suffered in a financial way too because the lockdown halted their services.

“If you can't hold normal services, it will have an impact on your financial situation.Though a lot of people hate to say it, churches are kinda like businesses that require funds to operate such as pay church staff and personnel. People like to go to church and sing but don't you ever think that you have to pay the guitarist?” he asked Olive.

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