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Lesham: Mexico Has Played It Smart To Remove All Covid-19 Border Requirements

After 2 years of Covid-19 sweeping the globe, countries continue to install travel bans and restrictions in addition to vaccination mandates as measures to contain the spread of the virus.

Unlike those countries, Mexico recently dropped all its Covid-19 travel requirements and as of January 2022, travelers can freely enter without proof of vaccination or Covid-19 negative tests, eliminating the need to quarantine.

With the country’s Covid-19 deaths reaching 450,000, the government has continued to prioritize trade and tourism which most of its citizens depend on to survive.

Similarly, El Salvador was the first country to drop all border Covid-19 travel requirements and restrictions in November 2021.

Lesham commenting on Mexico’s lifting of such measures said, “I think Mexico is playing it smart because more people are going to be attracted to go there as opposed to elsewhere in the world.”

She added that she was hurt by the fact that showing proof of vaccination at country border points does not exempt one from testing for Covid, and yet initially the vaccines were created such that one doesn’t have to keep testing for the virus.

Lesham narrated that during her travel to Kenya in 2020, where on top of having to pay double for everything, she had to re-test for Covid at border points.

“I had to get a Covid-19 test here valid for 72 hours and when I got to Nairobi, I had to do a test. On coming back to Uganda, again I had to do another test. It was just too much and I was like wow!”

Fatboy, recognizing the border restrictions as cumbersome, noted that Mexico’s revenue is going to multiply because people world over will plan on spending holidays and vacations in Mexico as their tourist destination.

The two Presenters further referred to Tanzania, where they said that as the world awaited to see what would happen in the country that had no Covid-19 mandates, a few people have died to date as the country continues to register relatively low death rates.

Fatboy concluded that moving forward, countries need to emulate Mexico and El Salvador since the restrictions have not only affected the economy but also other sectors such as education as is the case in Uganda.

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