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Lesham: Marrieds Should Pay Their Partners For Services Offered In Family Businesses

RX Radio presenter Lesham Kenogo has said that marrieds should pay their partners for the services they offer in family businesses.

The presenter made these remarks while on The Fatboy Show with Daniel Omara after finding an internet story of a man who was petitioning his wife for refusing to work on his business project yet they are married.

While commenting on the subject, Daniel said that if there is a plan for one of the partners to create a business, it is necessary that they are supported by their better half since it's meant to benefit both of them.

However, Lesham disagreed saying that some partners just take advantage of their partners and expect them to offer their services for free which they would ordinarily charge heavily somewhere else because of the time and effort that's always invested.

“Some people’s partners tend to overuse them because they are nice and smart. So they keep asking them to do things freely for them yet these services are charged highly because of the effort and time they invest. And without proper communication, it's made to look like their partners are entitled to it,” she argued.

In addition to this, she noted that the wife might have chosen to ask for some monetary value given that in this current day and age, it has become hard to share properties and money after divorce.

“Nowadays a person makes his own money and after divorce disowns the money and accuses their spouse of not helping. So you want to know that if he’s not planning to give you money now, he will pay it later other than not planning to provide any money at all,” she explained.

Lesham further said that relationships combined with work make partners suffer because of the regular fights they will be having. “Put together legal documents, communicate better and don't expect people to do things for free just because you're married to them because marriage and work are two different things,” Lesham added.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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