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Lesham And Joel: We Are Open To Cheating

Whereas most relationships end because of infidelity, that's no deal breaker for Lesham and her better half. The duo announced today morning on The Fatboy Show that they are okay with each other cheating as long as they are open about it.

“It's more of an open conversation type of thing, so if it ever arises, that's a conversation to be had because we are not afraid of talking,” Lesham said. Joel added that their relationship is founded on honesty in which not opening up about it would be an act of untruthfulness.

James Onen aka Fatboy sounding shocked by their responses, curiously asked Lesham what her reaction would be if she got all the evidence that Joel was cheating on her.

She went on to respond, “I'd be like, how did it go? Have you learnt any new skills to add to our bedroom? Because I'd expect that if he cheated, he would have learnt new skills to apply to our sex life.”

Fatboy, even more astounded, then inquired from her if she was saying this as a joke. “So you wouldn't be broken hearted, hurt or shed tears?” He asked.

“Broken what?! Did you represent us properly would be my question. Because you can't be going out there doing things and leaving a bad image of us,” she said.

“Basically, she would cry if the sex the other side was trash,” Joel added.

In the same way, Joel said that if he found out that Lesham was cheating, his first question would be, “Why did you take so long to tell me?” He said that because their relationship is based more on emotional attachment than physical attraction, he would be hurt if Lesham became emotionally attached to the person she was cheating with.

Lesham further explained that as a founding block of their relationship, the two clearly prioritized emotional attachement and separated it from sexual infidelity.

“We have honest conversations and establish an environment where we never have to lie to each other. We have an agreement that when you ask questions, you get straight answers and if you aren't ready to hear the answer, then that's on you. But the truth is what you'll get when you ask.”

Seeing that the two have a bond that seems unbreakable, Fatboy asked the couple when they would be tying the knot. However, that didn't seem to be one of their priorities. “We agreed that those official titles aren't our priorities, so whatever agreement we have between us is enough. We are not under any unnecessary baby pressure. We just wanna chill and that's the basis of our relationship,” Lesham said.

Fatboy, realizing that the couple aren’t up for marriage, asked why they are not having a baby at least. However, the two lovebirds said they are not considering having any yet and might never.

“Like I earlier mentioned, I am not yet ready to go under any pressure to have a child. My body is not for making babies yet. We are yet to decide if I'll even have to produce any. We are also considering surrogacy and adoption because we just want to enjoy our lives. That will be for later,” she said.

“Do people admire your kind of bond? What do you say when you are asked for relationship advice?” Fatboy queried.

“Yes,” Lesham answered, “But they are not willing to do what it takes. When we say brutal honesty, we mean the deepest secrets; things we may not like about each other, potential deal breakers, how we would handle certain conflicts and react when in a bad mood. It sounds very uncomfortable for most to do though.”

Joel additionally explained that, “You know that deep nasty side of yours? And those quiet moments you have with yourself that you don't even say out loud? That's the kind of degree we know each other that has kept us together.”

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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