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Influencing Requires Teamwork - Josh, the Fixer And Influencer

Today on the Influencer Table, Josh the fixer, marketing, and sales expert, said Influencers need to have teams to become competent in marketing products and services of their clients.

“Influencers today are divided into individuals, but this business requires a team. You alone can’t write, produce, capture videos and edit everything yourself. Much as social media makes it look easy, it is not and even when you try to do everything yourself, it affects your creativity,” he said.

He explained that being creative and forming a team involves employing other creatives to explore and formulate ideas that can impact the target markets and audiences.

Josh continued that most influencers engage on social media as a hobby portraying them as unreliable to companies that would do business with them. He says that numbers are built on one’s consistency and personality that their followers like and should be added to every influencer’s marketing strategy.

“If I am used to an influencer who speaks details about their lives every day in a funny way, he will build the numbers. But if he influences for a certain beer and all he does is to put it out there, it will not convert and make me buy the drink because it does not connect with their usual lifestyle,” he argued.

However, he opined that for awareness, companies could employ “noise maker” influencers to create awareness for their products and later employ other professional influencers to create a more elaborate image for their markets.

Abasa, another guest host on the show, said most times, influencers replicate other people’s content for quick popularity and end up putting out information that is not appealing.

“Experiential kind-of marketing is far more engaging for me than someone trying to advertise and sound like they are influencing for the product or service,” he said.

He thought that influencers need to be more genuine and authentic to themselves if they want to grow followers and influence them into sales.

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