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“I Want to Reassure the Ugandan Community that We have Local Film Talent”- Gemin Dushime

Film Actress Gemin Dushime has said that she wants to reassure Ugandans that the local film industry has evolved with an existing presence of local talents that now match those they watch in foreign movies.

The Actress who was appearing on the Fatboy show during the ‘Filmscope UG with DSTv Uganda’ segment,said that before collaborating with famous foreign film producers, she wants her talent to first be recognised and appreciated within her home country.

“I just want the Ugandan community to understand that we have talent at home, and to change their mindsets so that they can believe in Ugandan art; because even though I want to advance my career borders, I delight in feeling the beauty of being appreciated and recognised at home first,” she said.

Gemin Dushime has featured in movies such as The Only son (2016), Rain (2016), Toture (2017) and Kafah Coh (2020).

Filmscope Ug with DSTv Uganda is a feature dedicated to celebrating Uganda’s Film and Television industry and airs on weekdays at 8.30am on RX Radio.

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