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I’ve Taught Myself The Determination To Master Whatever Comes My Way- StoryBoard Artist

Jjemba Enock Timothy aka Dons Enock, a storyboard artist, editor, colourist and Director of Photography said that he has mastered the art of conquering especially his challenges by focusing his attention and doing his best.

The editor was appearing on RX Radio during the Groove Cafe hosted by Crystal Newman, in an interview about his journey in film and his promising achievements as a young person in the industry.

Jjemba narrated that growing up, he wanted to be a pilot. But after getting worn out by his science combination, he instead opted for Arts and fine Art as one of the subjects which he excelled in with an A.

However, still hoping for his dream career as a pilot, he said that his heart was broken when he eventually found out the limitations of joining the aviation school. Among them were the outrageous school dues.

“So we landed on a friend, he was the Head of Department for the Kampala Film School back then and he had a good conversation with my dad, then he referred me to the Kampala Film School. I liked the fact that it was a hands -on experience where I wouldn't have to stress with accounts or coursework. I had some background knowledge from volunteering at church, with holding cameras and capturing videos,” said Jjemba.

“My first semesters were horrible grade wise, because I was hurt that I couldn't pursue what I wanted to do and found myself in another place. I Knew this wasn't something I wanted to do. But in my first year second semester, I made a short film called True Future,” he added.

“This short film blew up like I never expected yet it was too short, approximately 1 min and 20 seconds. But it got noticed by the Uganda Film Festival and I was nominated and offered grants to movie festivals because of it,” he recalled.

He narrated that everyone who watched it complimented him as a good director. He attributed the success to the courage he had in his A -level where he was horrible in the Fine Arts class but after getting his mind to the subject, he scored an A performing better than even the best Art student in their class.

“It was from there that I learnt to teach myself to love anything I fell in. And even if I would stumble a bit, I would still catch up and that's my approach to things,” said Jjemba.

After his short film gained nominations from various festivals in and out of Uganda, He is now working on a feature film called Nama Queen of The Ropes for which he has already accumulated some “good” funding for research and its development. Jjemba is thankful for this achievement because, even as a student, he has been able to perform unlike his counterparts on top of learning more courses like editing online, to perfect his skills further.

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