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I’ve Started Up 15 Tourism Clubs In 15 Schools - Little Miss Tourism, Queen Katungi Gabby

The lovely 10-year-old Little Miss Tourism Queen Katungi Gabby was happy to announce her project, dubbed Explore The Pearl With Queen Gabby, wherein she has initiated 15 tourism clubs in different primary schools in the country.

Queen Gabby emerged as the winner of the 2021/2022 Little Miss Tourism contest. She said one of her duties and responsibilities is advocating and promoting the country’s beauty and rich culture to her colleagues in primary school.

“In my project, I get into primary schools because I am also in primary. I have now created tourism and culture clubs in over 15 schools,” she said.

“I was supposed to be taking the schools to different National Parks and places, but it’s a little challenging because I need to have money for fuel, accommodation, and more, and we are not yet financially stable,” she added.

The pretty Queen was narrating her Little Miss Tourism journey to Crystal Newman during an interview on RX Radio.

She recounted gathering her inspiration by watching Little Miss Tourism pageants on TV but was unable to join them due to school routine and studies during the holidays when it took place.

As a blessing in disguise, the Covid -19 pandemic steered the way to joining the contest as a first-time participant, competing against 25 other girls.

“The first day, I was a bit nervous, and it's normal for everyone to be nervous on their first day. So I went, met other girls, and I liked them because they were very encouraging. When I went into the audition room, I felt nervous while standing before the judges, but I came out of the audition with a Yes, and it made me so excited about the day of boot camp,” Queen Gabby narrated.

In the boot camp, she got coached about meaningful interaction, modeling -the walking, among other activities, for 2 solid weeks.

“On the day of the finals, there were many people and I was so excited about my turn to show my dance to the guests. At first, we danced as a group, then later I presented my dance. I danced, and the judges looked impressed. Later they called us to the stage to announce the winner and at the moment I was so nervous, but I was surprised that I emerged as the winner,” she said cheerfully.

Katungi Gabriella aka Queen Gabby says she loves reading, dancing, basketball, and swimming. Her dream is to become an architect and scientist in the future.

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