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I Support Will Smith 100 percent - Chris Kakooza

It is a week since the American Actor, rapper and comedian Will Smith assaulted a fellow comedian Chris Rock after he made a joke about Will’s wife Jada Pinkett during the Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

Chris Rock joked about Jada Pinkett’s bald haircut that she developed as result of her alopecia some thing that prompted Smith to get to the stage and slapped the latter.

Rock said that Pinkett’s hairstyle was a reminiscence of the G.I Jane character in the 1997 G.I Jane film, whose second part he couldn't wait to see

Although many celebrities and members of the public condemned Will Smith for his reaction towards the joke, some took his side saying that the Smith family had been undergoing lots of emotional issues, so the joke was an opening for them to pour out.

Chris Kakooza, the Hear Me Out Show guest host on RX radio said that he is in support of Will’s reaction 100 percent, saying that it is unacceptable to humiliate a person’s wife in public.

“I’m 100 percent Will Smith because I'm all about respecting families, women and standing up for your woman. So, slap whoever is saying things of disrespect about your wife. We are aware that behind closed doors these people are going through a lot as a family,” he said.

Kenny Rukundo, a social media influencer and actor, argued that although he couldn't completely agree with both parties, Will Smith’s behaviour was uncalled for.

“Yes, he stood up for the wife and I really agree but also, I think that was an overreaction. I don't think he thought it through, but just reacted on impulse after seeing Jada roll her eyes to the joke. And as a man, the first instinct was how do I bring her back? Even if he had screamed a warning from his seat, Jada wouldn't have been impressed,” opined Kenny.

However, the two agreed that disease, disability, tribes and politics shouldn’t be topics to joke about.

According to Daniel Omara the show co host, oftentimes jokes contain some truth that is funny until it directly speaks about the life of an individual, individual tribes, race, special needs persons and others.

He condemned Will Smith’s act saying that it is detrimental to entertainers, especially comedians who may be harassed by anyone who might feel offended by them.

Daniel explained that comedy is an analysis of society that gets expressed in a manner that is comic although he also detested dark humour such as Pete Davidson’s joke of having intercourse with an infant though he recognized that there is also an audience for that kind of humour.

“As a comedian I have boundaries but am an individual who represents my thoughts. If we catered to every single individual thought, there would be no comedy,” he said.

Apparently, Will Smith apologised to Chris Rock via his Instagram handle where he admitted that his behaviour was shocking, painful and inexcusable.

He has also agreed to resign from the Motion Picture Academy due to his actions which he said have affected not only Chris but also his Family, friends and other loved ones.

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