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I'm Passionate About Helping Youths To Live A Life Of Purpose - Sofos Consult Founder

Appearing on RX Radio’s The Groove Cafe today was Sofos Consult founder, a philanthropist, parenting and youth counselor and self proclaimed transformational speaker, Andrew Kibirige who said that his passion is helping among other the youth, to realize their full potential in life.

Kibirige said that the willingness to support youths to get to their full capabilities brings him joy and satisfaction. He thus embarked on that after University first, while working as a teacher.

He said that, “I'm passionate about seeing young girls live the life God meant for them, not depending on some handouts because they are beautiful or have a nice figure, but through discovering their potential and living it to the maximum.”

He continued, “Also eradicating this mentality from young men that they are going to be rich in a day or week to how they can be men of the time and all seasons, championing the cause of humanity by standing as husbands, fathers and men in the community.”

To enhance the potential of young people, after his Master’s in Human Resource Management, he started the HR Career Clinic platform to help job seekers acquire jobs in Uganda through posting job opportunities, information on how to find a job, and how to pass job interviews.

“I also have platforms for young men who are single and it helps to prepare them for marriage and how they can handle this monster called ‘relationships’. What more they need to learn, how to go about it and what to do next if it doesn't work out. So these are the things that I have been working on and are going on in my life,” Kibirige said.

He noted that one of the challenges that has held a lot of young people back is being raised by single parents which influenced their upbringing and gaps in their lives, for example the love they needed to be focused.

Secondly, he mentioned that young people have a challenge in discovering who they are by allowing what they find in the world or society to define them. For instance, he said some youths think they are born in poverty and that they can't jump out of the cycle which is untrue because it's their choice to move out of it.

“It doesn't mean that where you are born is where you are supposed to stay and live forever. These are things we need to tell young people when they see people whom they think have made it. What is it that they have done and how long did it take them to get there?” he emphasized.

He therefore advised successful professionals to mentor and share their experiences and life examples with young people and stop the blame game before helping them understand how to achieve their goals, and what it takes just like he is doing.

“I want to find someone at point A and walk them to point H, J or K because they are not disabled all through. Some just need a small polishing here and there and they get to where they are. Americans call their land a land of opportunity but I realized that, all some people need is an opportunity to learn, grow, change, explore their talents or potential, ”Kibirige added.

“I've always told young people that success is not an event, it is a life journey which sometimes is not defined at the beginning but at the end. It's not defined by the car you drive which would have been driven by 10 Japanese before you but by the lives you have managed to impact. Those who will remember your legacy as someone who touched their lives that if it wasn't for you, they wouldn't be where they are,” he concluded.

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