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Fatboy: Women are like bees, sweet and poisonous

RX Radio Presenter James Onen aka Fatboy has likened women to bees which produce honey yet they are poisonous to the extent that they can kill their keepers.

Fatboy and his show co-host Olive Najjuma were discussing a case where Seven people accused of burning beehives in Mt. Elgon National Park are in custody at Mbale Central police station. The suspects are Charles Matasanga also known as ranger, Michael Natsambwa, Amon Manyali, Julius Nakhwashe, Rashid Majeme, Yefsa Matsanga and Richard Kamana, all residents of Nalwanza Sub County in Bududa district.

The suspects reportedly torched more than 20 beehives belonging to 74-year-Lawrence Wetala who had set up the hives in the forest last year with permission from Uganda Wildlife Authority.

“Why would these people burn bees, insects that produce sweet honey, may be they just wanted to destroy someone’s business. This is sad and they deserve to be punished,” Olive said.

The duo further discussed how dangerous bee keeping can be especially to bee keepers that have to harvest them.

“It’s not like keeping cattle. The cows are calm animals that almost never harm. For bees, you have to protect yourself to the core before you go to check on them because in an instant they can turn against you and harm you to the extent of killing you,” he said.

In reference to this, Olive wondered how such insects that produce such sweet honey can be poisonous at the same time.

Fatboy then said that scenario is the same as Women who can be sweet and dangerous at the same time; “Have you met women?” James joked in response to Olive’s rhetoric question.

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