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Fatboy: Women Are Always Making The First Move To Men In A Covert Way

Often women make the first move when it comes to initiating relationships, but subtly and covertly.

This is so because most men are attracted to feminine women and overtly being pursued by a woman often sends off a nasty impression on them.

While exploring whether ladies should make the first move to create relationships, James Onen clarified that women always make the first moves with men they are attracted to.

“Men might be oblivious to this fact but women always make the first move. Just that it is not usually overt, walking herself to you and expressing her feelings. It's how she presents herself to you, dresses, and makes herself accessible by hanging around the places you frequent. If it is a workstation, she will always be crossing your desk while swinging her hips,” Fatboy said.

John, a caller on the show said, sometimes women send mixed signals that a man could misinterpret, and suggested it is better for a man to hunt his prey because it adds to his sense of masculinity.

Olive, co-host of the show suggested that if a woman is to make the first move, it should be done indirectly. “When you overtly pursue a man and he accepts, he is going to take you for granted, yet you might be interested in having a long-term relationship with him.”

Shaban, also a contributor, said every man wants to be approached by a woman for a relationship because it arouses feelings of happiness and excitement.

“But also I'd think that if she approached me, then she can approach other guys because naturally, women shouldn’t be that open. So once a woman with such a character, it means she is more masculine like men, she can approach other men,” Shaban explained.

He, therefore, suggested that women use actions rather than words to signal to a person of interest because many men consider direct persuasion as a “red flag”.

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