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Fatboy: Why Are Women Less Willing To Improve Their Sex Lives?

While talking about the dead bedroom syndrome that is common in relationships, Fatboy mentioned that whereas men are willing to take measures to improve their sex lives in a relationship, less women are willing to do the same.

The Presenter said this during The Fatboy Show where he expressed concern that the new sexual arousal pills made for women by scientists were not being well received by the gender.

He went on to say how often times, women have a lower sex drive than men; and in a situation where her husband or boyfriend expresses interest in sexual activity, she will engage in it not to upset her partner for fear that they might go get ‘it’ somewhere else.

“So, some scientists have been working on a pill to help women get sexually aroused. However, they have been receiving very little support from women who are saying that they wouldn't want to take the pill. Yet when viagra was made, all the middle aged men where running to buy it and take it in order to please their sexual partners.”

“So, whereas men are willing to accept their shortcomings and take steps to improve in that area, I'm wondering why women don't feel the same,” he wondered.

Lesham, his Co-host, said that most women don't prioritize enjoying sex but rather do it to maintain their power in a relationship.

“Like I have male friends who come and tell me that a chick is frustrating them because of how good she is in bed. Because she is enjoying it too much and is afraid she will lose control in the relationship, she stops having any sexual engagements with her partner.”

However, Fatboy said that the process of arousing and seducing a woman should be part of sexual activity. “ If a woman is taking pills for arousal, it means a man is taking shortcuts and depriving her of the beauty and wonder behind seduction.”

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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