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Fatboy: When Is The Appropriate Time To Showcase A New Relationship?

Commenting on Kim Kardarshian’s new relationship with Pete Davidson, Fatboy has questioned when the right time is for someone to publicly display their new significant other.

Reports confirmed that the two new lovebirds on the Hollywood scene were spotted holding hands while at Kris Jenner’s Fancy Palm Springs that cemented rumours of them dating.

“Most people have been asking, isn't it too soon for Kim Kardashian to be frolicking around with a new man when her divorce with Kanye West is barely done? In fact, Kanye still calls her his wife and here she is broadcasting her new relationship. Well to me, it raises the broader question of how soon is too soon and when is the appropriate, if any time, for one to publicly showcase their new relationship?” he inquired.

Lesham answered that one could take a year or two to get themselves together and re-evaluate the reason why they keep on getting in the same patterns. She opined that since Kim has been through a number of relationships, one would assume that she knows better and wouldn’t take things too fast.

Moreso, Fatboy added that out of respect for one’s ex partner, a person could spare some time before they are seen up and about with another person even though they could be making out behind the scenes.

However, he noted that having dated a number of famous female celebrities such as Arianna Grande and Kristen Stewart, Pete Anderson might have made a name for himself as one heavily endowed that he is recommended by women spreading the word about him and his ‘package.’

“He is not a good looking guy, not charming, not charismatic, not rich, so tell me what else could it be?” he asked Lesham.

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