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Fatboy: We Should Have Some Faith in the Judicial System

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Following the Constitutional Court ruling that overturned four sections of the Anti Pornography act, Fatboy has urged Ugandans that claim to have been brutalized by security agencies to turn to the Judiciary, saying that rulings like this show that they can get justice.

“Those who have been subjected to torture should seek legal justice because as flawed as our courts are, they do occasionally deliver justice. This is what happened on Monday when the Constitutional Court quashed the Pornography offence and declared indecent clothing unconstitutional,” Fatboy explained.

In conformity, Olive said this victory shows that laws and bills already passed in the country can be challenged if one feels dissatisfied with them.

“When you have an issue with a law or ruling, you can actually go to court and have it argued against and appeal again if you lose. This achievement by the civil society indicates that the justice system in our country may be working a bit, “ she said.

In 2014, the Government of Uganda legalized the Anti Pornography Act arguing that it would protect women and children from the spread of pornographic content. However, the law was met with a lot of criticism after women dressed in short skirts were being constantly ridiculed and publicly harassed.

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