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Fatboy: We Are Now Aware That People In Public Institutions Offer Bribes To Parliamentarians

Following the President’s alleged remarks about parliamentarians in COSASE, James Onen said that the statements became an eye opener about how people working in government institutions offer bribes to whoever approaches them for accountability.

It is reported that President Museveni while presiding over a cabinet meeting on Monday, took time to respond to the activities of the Joel Senyonyi-led committee, which have been making headlines for the past two weeks over the controversies surrounding the operations of Uganda Airlines.

Most notable reactions surrounded the CEO Jennifer Bamutaraki’s missing academic documents to certify her competence for the job, the exorbitant salaries given to board members amidst the losses made by the airlines, and the appointment of the CEO before she applied for the job.

However, replying to COSASE’s excavations, President Museveni said the parliamentarians pretending to be looking into corruption are the most corrupt and are only subjecting Bamuturaki to harassment because they want bribes.

“I have now been introduced to the idea that sometimes people appointed into these public institutions offer bribes to legislators or anybody else interested, considering that such positions attract huge salaries and scrutiny. It wouldn’t be surprising that some people may want a reward for letting you have that opportunity,” James Onen aka Fatboy reasoned.

He continued that the committee members may be squeezing the airline board to get some of the monies that the board members are receiving.

But his co-presenter Viola contended the argument saying that the MPs on the committee are too many to have one person share with them her salary.

“87 million shillings is nothing to whoever is pushing her currently. It is not just Joel but a lot more other people that even though she had to share her salary, it would not make sense,” she said.

Though she commended the COSASE chairperson Joel Senyonyi for trying to hold the board accountable, and perhaps him trying to gain popularity among people, she noted that he was also pushing Bamuturaki too hard on the wall.

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