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Fatboy: Uganda’s Opposition Leaders Ought to Emulate Hichilema’s Political Perseverance

Photo from the Daily Post Nigeria

RX Radio Presenter James Onen aka ‘Fatboy’ has advised Ugandan opposition leaders to emulate the persistent character of Former Zambian opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema, which finally enabled him win the country’s highest office.

Having contested and lost five times, Hichilema eventually won his sixth election in a landslide victory on Monday, with more than 2.8 million votes against the out going President Edgar Lungu’s 1.8 million as stated by the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

“Let this be a lesson for all political figures who keep trying and failing and saying that in Uganda things will never change because look, this guy ran for the sixth time and finally won,” Fatboy remarked. “It is also interesting to see an incumbent African president conceding to a peaceful transition because this is something that doesn't typically happen on this continent,” he said.

Olive, his Co-host in response said “ It's beautiful when an outgoing president concedes defeat, take an example of the Former Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila. He is enjoying a lot of freedom in his retirement and he wasn't even prosecuted for anything! This one was taken out by a vote but if you wait for matters to get bad, things end in tears,” she added.

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