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Fatboy To Men: We Need To Work On Our Inability To Properly Handle Pain

After various pictures of weasel’s battered wife circulated on social media last week, The Fatboy Show presenter James Onen has called upon fellow men to work on the ways of handling their pain.

It is alleged that Goodlyfe singer Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel Manizo beat his wife blue black on Thursday last week accusing her of leaving their children unattended while she went to party.

Disputing the allegations, Sandra, through her Instagram disregarded the claims saying that she was hit by goons on her way from work that day.

According to different reports, Sandra is working tooth and nail to take care of her family as her husband’s career seems to have gone downhill after the death of his partner Radio in 2018.

However, Daniella, the wife of Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleon confirmed the domestic violence inflicted on Sandra Teta. She called out feminists to act on the violence.

On the same topic, James Onen aka Fatboy commented that since Good Lyfe singer Mowzey Radio passed on, the alleged violent nature of his former partner Weasel might be impacted by his fading career.

“Ever since Radio died, Weasel has been trying to figure out himself. This is how it might be affecting his self-esteem and ability to earn a living. It could be the reason why he thinks his wife is no longer as attentive as he wants her to be,” Fatboy reasoned.

But also, recognized the need for men to have healthy ways of dealing with pain.

“When a man is hurt, it somehow brings out their violent nature. If he feels like his wife is neglecting and cheating on him, he might just need to change his perceptions about marriage and relationships from being possessive.

His co-presenter Olive Najjuma also argued that domestic violence does not solve the problems between a couple but causes more harm even if one of the partners is in the wrong.

Further Fatboy explained that once a woman bears narcissistic tendencies, it worsens the relationship. That's why as men, we need to watch ourselves because we can easily react. If your woman is a narcist, she can lead you into a trap where you will seek her validation that thinking about your life without her can devastate your physique and start to act violently.

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