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Fatboy: Thugs Must Have Realized Health Centers Are Soft Target

Commenting on the criminal attacks on Busia Health Center IV that saw patients get robbed of their valuables five times in four months, James Onen aka Fatboy said the thieves must have learned of health centers being easy targets.

Busia Health Center IV suffered five criminal attacks within four months after thugs raided maternity wards first, robbing unspecified amounts of money and baby clothes from mothers and their caretakers.

The thugs on another robbery stole a television from the hospital waiting area, solar inverters donated by the Ministry of Health, and a fire extinguisher.

According to reports, the attackers engaged in the vandalism of cars, stealing in and outpatient properties such as mobile phones and money.

"I think some thugs have realized that health centers are a soft target. And our thugs being enterprising criminals, they must have sat down and thought of robbing health centers because people usually go there with money and realized they could make a nice heist from there," said Fatboy during The Fatboy Show.

Olive Najjuma, the co-presenter, thought the robberies must be attached to leaked information from people working within.

She went on to reason that it could be the same gang carrying out similar raids or other gangs having learnt from the first.

Despite the many reports to police, Sulaiman Mangeni Wacha, the chairperson of Solo Village where the hospital is, said there has been no response to promote security and avoid similar occurrences from happening.

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