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Fatboy: There’s a Need For More Sensitization On The Severity Of Ebola

Following the death of two ebola patients in Kampala from the districts of Mubende, James Onen, The RX Radio presenter, proposed that the government raise its awareness campaigns on the disease for people to treat it with the seriousness it demands.

Last Saturday evening, the President instituted a lockdown on the districts of Mubende and Kasanda for 21 days after two ebola contacts who escaped from Mubende died in Kampala.

A one 45-year-old man died at Kiruddu hospital after being listed as contact from Mubende. The second patient and his wife are hospitalized at Kitebi Health Centre IV in Kampala, and 13 people are said to have traveled with the patients and are now in areas of Kibuku in the Eastern region.

Expressing his views on the topic, James Onen said the government should sensitize people on the severity of the disease.

“People need to be more educated about the severity of this Ebola situation, and its severity because maybe then people will take it more seriously once they are in isolation. They would appreciate the gravity of the situation to know that it is not in their best interest but also for their loved ones and to remain there for that the prescribed period,” Fatboy said.

He was perplexed by why people would escape from an isolation facility, yet it is a risk that would cause more deaths. “I’d think most sane people wouldn’t want that because which more pressing issues could be superseding your desire to stay alive?” he queried.

Olive, his Co-host, said that the Ministry is doing its best to educate people, but the people are running to traditional herbalists. “The herbalists also put themselves in a position that makes people believe they can be treated,” she said.

During his speech on Wednesday last week, President Museveni advised Ugandans not to seek help from traditional healers and pastors. He urged the religious leaders to call the health workers for professional health care in hospitals because they might catch the disease and die.

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