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Fatboy Skeptical about Shs 142 Billion used by Government to enforce COVID-19 Lockdown

Photo from NilePost

James Onen aka Fatboy has expressed doubts concerning government expenditures which amounted to Shs142 Billion during enforcement of the COVID-19 lockdown.

The Report tabled by the parliamentary task force on COVID last Tuesday revealed that in the financial Year 2019/2020, a sum of Shs 92.23 Billion was allocated to enforcing the lockdown; while Shs 50 Billion was issued for financial year 2020/2021. However, particulars on how it was spent were not specified.

According to the morning show Presenter, the money went to waste and he protests that it could have been used to support people whose businesses were hit by the restrictions.

“This 142 Billion, what was it spent on? Police? Security? You mean the people who were extorting members of the public to see if they had permission to drive and even on approval would still go ahead and ask for ‘lunch?!’”

Fatboy went on to say, “that money would have been served in the interest of the people whose businesses had been closed and those who were trying to survive in that period.”

Furthermore, he argued that the Government’s appeal to the public to contribute money towards the purchase of COVID- 19 vaccines is irrational given that the population pays taxes and the government relies on donations to vaccinate its people.


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