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Fatboy: Relationships at work places are likely to fail in a short period

RX Radio Presenter James Onen aka Fatboy has said love relations that are born at work places between employees are likely to fail because normally they result from the fact that the person is readily available and you are spending more time with them in a closed space which most people mistake for love.

Fatboy was referring to increased incidents where employees of the same company end up in love relationships with their colleagues, case in point, NTV Uganda News Anchors Raymond Mujuni and Rita Kanya who officially became an item when Mujuni publically proposed to Kanya and she accepted. In the past, other employees at NTV Uganda have declared love for each other and went on to marry like Andrew Kabura and Flavia Tumusiime.

While on Tuesday’s The Fatboy show during a special segment The Truth about Cats and Dogs where the presenters discuss relationships between men and women, Fatboy noted that although people that have found love at work places shouldn’t be criticised as long as they are happy with each other, in most cases such relationships are just a short phase that end in heart breaks.

“There is even a word for it; propinquity which states that people that are in close proximity are likely to develop interpersonal attraction which does not necessarily mean you are in love with this particular person. Over the years, I have had such relations and they usually ended shortly after and a bad way,’’Fatboy said.

ronment that allows for a relationship to go through its development stages which in most cases results into heart breaks which as a result affects the performance of the employees.

“That is why most corporate companies discourage love relations among colleagues because the work place is meant to produce work related results and not romances’’ he said.

Sophia, another friend of the show noted; “There is no way to determine if it’s even love. It could be because due to lack of other options. You go for a work colleague because they are readily available. Work relations are just recipe for disaster.”

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