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Fatboy: President Museveni Sold The Image Of A Soldier Better Than His Son

Commenting about the first son's remarks during his pipping ceremony, Fatboy Show presenters James Onen and Olive discussed how President Museveni has managed to maintain better publicity than his son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

The Former Commander of Land Forces now a four-star General announced that his agenda for the foreseeable future is focusing on the youth and shifting his passion from the army to them.

Comparing Gen Muhoozi to his father, James Onen thought the first son did not portray the image of a soldier as well as his father has.

"I feel that the President sold the image of a soldier better than the son because he was involved in a military struggle," Fatboy said.

"We've seen videos and photographs of him in the bush using machine guns, involved in active operations. You could see that he was a man who ran through the mud with his boys, which is an image a lot of people appreciate as opposed to his son," he added.

Unlike the President, Fatboy wondered whether the First son ever participated in such military operations because he had never seen any publicity about it.

Olive added that she grew up seeing President Museveni as a freedom fighter that established a connection and attachment with people. As such, he gained popularity and became much respected as a leader.

Fatboy added that President Museveni invites the press to capture him doing activities such as push-ups which created and engaged him with the populace erasing the prior image of a military commander.

"I have no idea what Muhoozi's achievements are or what they have been. Perhaps it hasn't been properly communicated. It behooves people that are part of his campaign to paint an image that he is a man of action because that's what is lacking," Fatboy surmised.

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