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Fatboy: President Museveni has a lot to learn from the Late President Magufuli

RX Radio Presenter James Onen has said the President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni should take some lessons from his now Late comrade the former president of the republic of Tanzania John Pombe Magufuli who died of a heart attack last week.

Magufuli who had just completed his first 5 year-year term and had just been re-elected is praised for fostering economic and social development of Tanzania. During his five-year term, Tanzania moved from a third world to a second world economy, he was able to build a number of infrastructures without loans and is credited for enforcing public cleanliness and championing causes for the poor.

"During his first 5 year term, he only went out of the country 9 times and only to African countries, he reduced the number of ministers and was able to improve the economy. There is so much our president can learn from Magufuli. I believe when leaders know there are term limits to their rule, they try to do things first because they know they won't last forever. Although he had his short comings, Magufuli was a truly patriotic man that Tanzanians will truly miss,” Fatboy said on Tuesday’s The Fatboy Show.

Fatboy further wondered what it would be like if Uganda's president died now, whether Ugandans would grieve as much as the Tanzanians are grieving for their fallen president.

"I don't know why leaders don't understand these things. If you come and rule for a short time and go away, people will still truly love you. The longer you stay, the more they get tired of you," he added.

His co-host, Olive Najjuma said that she believes some African leaders who overstay in power don't perform because at some point, they stop caring about their countries.

"Magufuli was in office for a short time but he has achieved much more than some presidents that have been in power for more than 35 years. It's like the more leaders stay in power, the more they lose concern for the country," she said.

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