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FatBoy: NUP MPs will need political maturity to have any influence in Parliament

Following the just concluded general election that saw a number of National Unity Party (NUP) Members of Parliament aspirants elected to represent their constitutes in parliament, the new MPs have been advised to have some political discipline if they want to have any influence in the 11th Parliament of Uganda.

NUP was able to get the majority Opposition member in Parliament in the just concluded election that took place last week on Thursday on 14th January 2020, replacing Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) that has been the lead opposition party.

According to the Electoral Commission, NUP won 56 Parliamentary seats out of the 529 seats, FDC got 34 seats while NRM took the majority seats with over 390 seats. The NRM party President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was also announced winner of the presidential election with a 58% win against his close opponent Robert Kyagulanyi of NUP who got 34%.

James Onen, a renown radio presenter during his morning show ‘ The Fat Boy Show’ that airs on RX Radio every weekday morning advised the new opposition MPs to have some maturity if they have any impact in the coming Parliament.

“As it is, NRM still have the Majority MPs in parliament and will have major influence on what policies and bills are passed in parliament, if the new MPs want to have impact on the governance of this country, they must show some political maturity and respect their fellow MPs because they are the ones that will determine if any of the proposed bills are able to pass,” he said.

Olive, the co-host of the Fat Boy show advised the NUP President, Kyagulanyi Robert a.k.a Bobi Wine to focus on strengthening the party and building a strong foundation in other parts of the country.

“From the results of the just concluded election, it is clear that NUP is popular in the central Region. This is not a good thing if the party is looking at sustainability and actually wishes to lead the country in the next elections. Bobi Wine must present himself as a national leader not just a Baganda preferred leader because his opponents will use this against him,” she said.

The Fatboy Show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy and Oliver Najjuma every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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