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Fatboy: Nothing Turns Off A Woman Like A Man Who Does Everything Right

The Fatboy Show Presenter James Onen has warned men, saying that if a woman no longer expresses anger and frustration towards them, then a relationship is headed for doom.

“When a woman is in love, she is constantly frustrated by the person because obviously, he's never matching up to her expectations. And because she expects him to be better, she is always nagging, complaining and arguing. However, if she reaches that point when she is just so chill and no longer minds what her dude does, chances are she is not in love anymore.”

He said this citing recent studies which revealed that when a woman no longer gets upset or frustrated with a man, it's an indication that she has lost her feelings for him.

However, Lesham in disagreement, said that the relationship might simply be moving on well and there might be nothing to be frustrated about since the man is doing things right.

Fatboy, in dispute, responded, “Nope. There's nothing that turns off a woman more than a man who does all the right things. I've mentioned this before; the hardest women to snatch are those in dysfunctional relationships.”

He added, “A man will patiently listen to a woman rant about her boyfriend all the time, waiting for the day they break up so that he can be given a chance. Surprisingly though, he will wait weeks, months and even years but she will still stick to her dysfunctional relationship.”

He went on to say that a woman who stays in such a relationship and endures it’s toxicity indicates just how much interest she has in her man.

Lesham, on the contrary, gave an example of her relationship and how they deal with dysfunction. “We have those moments and aren't dissatisfied because we know how to handle our issues within a certain limit. I mean, we also understand that if it's roses and peaches, it can't last,” she commented.

“Moving on, I think I am going to start frustrating my partner so that our relationship lasts,” Fatboy joked. In response, Lesham warned him against it saying that this would just frustrate him and in the process bore him since he wouldn't be respecting his person. She rather encouraged him to be himself in the relationship.

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