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Fatboy: Mandatory Ownership of Vaccines Passports Is Inapplicable In Uganda

Photo from the East African

RX Radio presenter James Onen aka Fatboy has said that the mandatory possession of Vaccine Passports cannot be applied in Uganda.

The presenter made these remarks following America’s legalization of the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for firms, which has made companies such as Cable News Network (CNN) sack three of its employees for breaching the company’s vaccination mandate by appearing for work unvaccinated.

Fatboy says that though such a mandate is likely to be implemented in the coming months in Uganda, it would have disastrous implications for the country. “If companies issued such a mandate here in Uganda, many people are likely to lose their jobs given that even with the availability of vaccines, small numbers have turned up for vaccination,” he said.

“But whether this becomes a big thing or not where one will be required to have one to access basic services, get or retain employment, I don’t think it will go to such lengths but who knows? We are living in strange times and strange things are happening!” he commented.

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