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Fatboy: I do not believe in Marriage or Cohabitation

Radio Proprietor and Presenter James Onen a.k.a Fatboy has said he does not believe in marriage or cohabitation.

Fatboy, who is in his 40’s and unmarried said that he prefers an arrangement where each partner has their own place and only come around to visit as this will eliminate unrealistic expectations from each party hence limiting the chances of separation.

“For the times I have been dating, women come to my place and want me to buy them food instead of them cooking. As a person, I do not have any expectations from women so I just do what they want when they are visitors at my place but I can’t imagine living with a person on a permanent basis whose attitude and perceptions I do not agree with,” Fatboy said during The Fatboy Show that aired on Monday Morning.

His co-host, Olive Najjuma added that most women end up being branded lazy and bad for refusing to fulfill men’s unrealistic and selfish demands.

“Men expect us to come for a visit and do all the work that they have failed to do for a month. You find a disorganized dirty apartment, a basket full of dirty clothes and a sink full of dirty dishes yet the guy who also hands expects the girlfriend to do all the cleaning! When I come to your place, I am coming to spend time with you not to act as a house maid in your house,” Olive said.

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