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Fatboy: I am too busy to cheat nowadays

RX Radio Presenter and Proprietor James Onen aka Fatboy has said he has not cheated on his partner in the last year because he has been too busy and occupied.

Fatboy revealed that during his days as an employee when his work would end at around 10am, he found himself often looking for women not because he was unhappy with his partner but because he was idle.

“Now that I am an entrepreneur and have a lot of things to do, I find myself too busy and too tired to get involved in extra affairs. I just go home late and sleep,” Fatboy said.

This was on Thursday’s The Fatboy Show during the special segment, The Truth about Cats and Dogs where Fatboy and other show guests discuss relationships between men and women and the games they play. The segment happens on every Fatboy Show after 9am. Today’s topic was, ‘reasons why men cheat.'

Dennis Asiimwe, a friend of the show said men cheat because they are not getting what they want from where they are and because they just want to fit in with their peers.

“It’s like married men have two faces, at one point, they will be telling you how they are blessed to have a family at home and how the union with their wives is the reason for their strength and prosperity but in a different setting when they are talking with their friends, they will be glorifying themselves about a side chick that they have,” Denis said.

Sophia, also a friend of the show said that although some women use sex as a tool and often starve their men in-case they are not getting what they want which forces some men to cheat, it is also true that there are men that cheat because they are just selfish.

“There are men that would cheat despite how good their wives treat them. Those are just selfish. I also know men that will not cheat on their wives even if they are denied sex. I guess it depends on one’s heart,” she said

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