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Fatboy: Hollywood Has Ran Out Of Ideas

According to the latest trend of Hollywood productions, RX Radio Presenter Fatboy has come to a conclusion that Hollywood has run out of new ideas.

He said that the American film industry has turned to recycling plots and storylines, as well as a new recent trend of producing prequels.

“If they are not recycling something that was made many years ago, then they're making a live action adaptation of an animation; or their latest idea, prequels,” he said.

“Well for most prequels I have watched, few have measured or surpassed their predecessors but I guess they will keep churning them out because it's the easiest way to make money,” he added.

Asking for Lesham’s thoughts on the matter, the Co-host replied that either way, she was happy that they had run out of ideas because this will create an opportune moment for filmmakers in Africa such as herself to sell their ideas to Hollywood.

“Running out of stories means that they are coming here for them, and I have story ideas that they've never heard of which need funding. I am very excited because they can come and give us money properly as we've seen with Netflix and Disney Plus.”

However, relating to the monotonous nature of prequels, Lesham recounted how Hollywood had to cancel a Game of Thrones prequel after the team agreed that the production was unpleasant.

“Apparently they shot a $30 million dollar pilot, and then they were like ‘Nope, it's terrible, let's not release it to the public’ and they just left it,” she said.

Fatboy, seconding their decision, said that it was a ‘beautiful’ idea to scrap the prequel since there are very many studios that are trying to do prequels for cash grabs which end up getting despised by the fans.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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