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Fatboy: Does Ukraine’s Problems Stem From Zelenskyy Being A Former Comedian?

Following Ukraine’s continued resistance against the Russian invasion, many have blamed President Volodmymr Zelenskyy for upholding a war that he cannot win.

On the morning show today, Fatboy wondered whether the president is responding to the situation the way he is because of his former career as a comedian. “Do you think the problems Ukraine has stems from him being a clown? Is he a joke?” He asked his co-hosts Daniel Omara and Viola Kusasira.

He further gave reference to a TV series in which Zelenskyy plays the President turned from a common man. In the series, a video of Zelenskyy who is a history teacher criticizing the government in his classroom goes viral and before he knows it, he gathers massive support behind him and eventually becomes president.

“Some people think that it's how he's been running his country, like a Tv show. He spends so much time in front of the cameras and is always on the Tv every single day. So is this guy not understanding that running a country is different from a Tv show?” Fatboy asked.

Omara, in response, said that Zelenskyy was a certified comedian. “He is an unqualified politician that is failing at the leadership of his country. I have a feeling that there's someone behind making the decisions.”

Viola Kusasira, agreeing with Daniel, said she too thought that President Zelensky was a “project.”

“Most of those presidents are projects but when it comes to making such decisions, they are deserted. That's why the UK will be like ‘no, no, stay in your country but we shall help you from there’ then in the end when put in such situations, you have to decide on taking your country to salvation or hell,” Viola said.

Fatboy found it rather callous for the UK to be supporting Ukraine by giving it arms and financial support to fight a war that the Western powers and the rest of Europe know Ukraine can’t win while denying refugees access to their countries.

However, Viola explained that the same situation has happened in the Middle east. “I don't think you can expect something different from the West and the rest of Europe considering how they treated the other countries of Iran, Iraq and Syria. I've never seen anything positive because they don't come in to save anyone since their interest is not the citizens, it's their other strategies.”

The Presenter however condemned the Russian aggression saying that no population is worth being subjected to violence no matter the grievance.

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