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Fatboy: Do not spend on a girl whose intentions you don’t know

RX Radio Presenter and senior Bachelor James Onen a.k.a Fatboy has advised men looking for new love interests not to spend money on women until they prove that they are serious about the said relationship.

According to Fatboy, most women expect to be treated to expensive dinners and dates on the first and ensuing dates, which is unreasonable as most men end up getting disappointed.

“Some men take women on dates up to ten times thinking they are making a good impression, only for the girl to tell the poor guy that they can only be friends. My advice to young men is to have one inexpensive date like coffee and the second date should be at your place. If the woman accepts to visit you at your home, you then know you have made some progress but if she refuses and keeps dodging you, know that that’s a user” he said during Tuesday’s The Fatboy Show.

His co-host Olive Najjuma said that although it is unrealistic for women to expect only expensive dates especially during the first stages of the relationship, men expecting women to have sex with them on their second dates is also crazy and unreasonable.

“So men expect a woman to come to their house and have sex with them after the first date? Where is it written that a home visit is acceptance for sex?" Olive wondered.

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