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Fatboy: Cheating Is Part Of Being Human

James Onen aka popularly known as Fatboy voiced his opinion earlier today on how he believes infidelity in a relationship should be accepted as a common mistake that people make.

Speaking during The Fatboy Show, he said that couples should consider this as a fact before tying the knot lest they should not marry if it's a burden they feel too overwhelming to bear.

“For those who still believe in marriage, especially the men, this is the order of the day because people are human and are gonna stray. So if you’re going to do the marriage thing, expect such mistakes to be made. And if you can deal with it, then go ahead; but if you feel that it could break you, maybe think twice,” the Presenter advised.

He disclosed that during his younger years, he had trouble accepting this but after acknowledging it as an inevitable mistake, he is able to be at peace even if he learns that his partner is cheating.

“I used to be more judgemental and thought that someone might be horrible to do such a thing. But I've come to accept that people are human. That people have needs, and have a need for validation. So if your significant other doesn’t feel fulfilled in the situation or meets someone that makes them happier, they might step out on you. And it doesn’t make them horrible, it makes them human,” he emphasised.

Fatboy was commenting on the Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga’s remarks where he announced that adultery is no longer a crime and therefore criminalising the act is unprofessional. Enanga was referring to a case that involved a television presenter MC Casmir who was interrogated live on camera by police officers after one the officers caught the presenter red-handed sleeping with his legally married wife.

Olive Najjuma, another Co-host of the show said how sometimes affairs help the main relationship grow stronger. “ I am not condoning the act but do you think marriage would be easier if people were more open to the idea of open relationships?” She asked Fatboy.

“I think so,'' he replied, “but it takes maturity, experience and a lot of lessons because the person speaking now isn't the same person of five years ago. Those years I held strong views against disloyalty and it would matter to me if someone were unfaithful but ever since I accepted that it happens, I have had such peace in my life.”

Fatboy went on to add, “If I am hanging out with a woman and she keeps smiling at her phone, it's okay. Is she going to an undisclosed location for girls' night? It's okay. But before then I had to know where you're going, and would even offer to drop and pick you. Eventually, maturity kicked in so now I am a better person.”

The constitutional court in 2007 annulled adultery as a criminal offence when it scrapped Section 154 of the Penal Code Act that entailed a 1-year jail sentence for married women caught cheating. The law was removed because it was considered discriminative since it was particularly against women.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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