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Fatboy: Canceling Nyege Nyege A Week To It Sounds Unfair

Yesterday, some parliamentarians led by the speaker Anita Among decided that the Nyege- Nyege festival should be halted, alleging that it promotes immorality in the country hence putting children at risk.

This caused mixed reactions on social media, some in support of the ban while others were disappointed with the decision.

The long-awaited Nyege Nyege festival, earlier scheduled for 15th - 18th September 2022 at Itanda falls in Jinja was halted by the Speaker after Tororo Woman MP Sarah Opendi raised concerns about the festival promoting immorality which is unacceptable in the country.

Commenting on the parliamentarians' concerns, James Onen, the Fatboy Show host felt it unfair to cancel the event close to happening.

"For this to happen a week before the event seems unfair. Any intervention should have happened on the onset to give the organizers time to address any concerns if they were legitimate,” he said.

He added that it is inconsiderate to cancel the event after hundreds of millions had invested in it.

"I am sorry to say, but the Speaker sounded a bit naive when she said that the event seeks to promote tourism at the cost of children," Olive Najjuma the Show co-host argued.

Adding, "the event is not for children. If they find themselves at Nyege Nyege, where are their parents?"

According to Opendi, the festival is a breeding place for sexual immorality, indecency, and the promotion of gay activities, the same reason it attracts tourists.

Similarly, Pius a contributor to the show supported the ban on the festival because of the concern of sexual immorality that includes the promotion of LGBT+ acts.

"I think banning it is an incentive to fostering morality in this country," he said adding that though the sexual activities are not mentioned in adverts, they are what happens.

Following the concerns, the state minister for Ethics and Integrity, Rose Lily Akello, and the police summoned the organizers of this festival and asked them to fulfill the required conditions for it to take place.

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