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Fatboy: Bodabodas Are Making People Lazy

According to James Onen, aka Fatboy, people are getting lazy due to the flexibility of bodabodas within the city.

“Boda Bodas are making people so lazy like someone can’t even walk a kilometer!” he exclaimed.

His co-host Olive added, “it’s now worse because back then, you’d walk from your home to the main road to catch a boda, but now you can be seated in your bedroom and order for one to pick you up at your gate.”

The duo made the comments in regards to the ongoing Boda Boda registration exercise in Kampala and metropolitan areas partly to reduce the number of motorbikes on the streets from 35,000 to 4000.

However, many riders have alleged extortion by authorities in the name of registration and unjust treatment by authorities.

In a press conference held by the National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED), Boda Boda cyclists said they are provided forms to fill and asked to pay 75000 shillings without any doctors on-site to check their eyes or mental status as the form requires. Others said their motorcycles are impounded until they pay a sum of at least 50,000 shillings.

Racheal, a caller on the show, said the government ought to take careful consideration in regulating the number of riders, saying it could lead to far-reaching problems after unemployment.

“Think about the 31,000 riders that government wants off the streets, where will they go? Those are the people who will form gangs and kill innocent people because they have to earn a living.

So, before the government implements a policy, can it weigh its advantages and disadvantages?” she questioned.

According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, over 70percent of Ugandans use bodabodas as their main means of transport daily.

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