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Fatboy: Are Western Countries Truly Happy As the Global Happiness Index Reports?

Countries in Europe and the West topped the happiness list in the top ten according to the 2022 United Nations World Happiness Report. The same report indicated no African country in the top 20.

The variables used to inform the happiness index and rankings included income, life expectancy, trust in the government, absence of corruption as well as having someone to count on during times of trouble.

RX Radio presenter, James Onen contended the findings questioning whether the top ranking countries on the World happiness Index are indeed happy.

“When you look at those western nations claiming to be doing so well with the happiness index, are they truly happy? Judging from what I see, since they have all their basic needs met, they are creating room to deal with the most inane problems that are not even problems. For Instance considering micro-aggression as a problem,” he said

Daniel Omara, the guest host in the same show reasoned that the stretch in the happiness index ranking Europe at 7 percent and Africa 3 percent is based on the challenges Africans are battling.

“We have different sets of problems, one is thinking of the next meal, but also questioning oneself of the current political situation, before you know it all, queries on internet and transport arise. I respect these problems because they probably understand themselves more than we do. It is unfair for you to get mad at us for forgetting your pronouns, our problems are greater than pronouns.” he said.

According to the report, Uganda ranked 117th in the world happiness report followed by Kenya at 119, Burundi at 137, Tanzania at 139 and Rwanda at 144 out of the 149 countries named.

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