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Fatboy And Olive: What’s The Gov’t Doing To Protect Ugandan Domestic Workers In The Middle East?

Like many horrific endings of Ugandans who travel for domestic jobs in the Middle East, the story of Namazzi Milly isn't different. On Tuesday 18th January, the body of the 26-year-old was repatriated to Uganda from Egypt, yet she had gone to work in Saudi Arabia.

Before meeting her dreadful death, Namazzi had sent voice notes through a social media platform to her relatives saying that she didn't have a good relationship with her boss.

Thereafter, the last time her family members heard from her was when her boss was transporting her to Egypt from Saudi Arabia for unknown reasons.

In the three last audio messages she sent to her younger sister, Namazzi said she had been given up by her boss to killers whom she was hiding from at the time of her last communication.

On bringing back the body, postmortem results from Mulago Referral Hospital showed that Namazzi had been subjected to numerous severe beatings and her private parts cut from her body, clearly a discrepancy from the report which had accompanied the body saying she had died from a motor accident.

Commenting on this on The Fatboy Show, Fatboy wondered why these concurrent issues weren’t being turned into a diplomatic one.

“Surely if Ugandans are being are being murdered by Arabs in the Middle East or elsewhere, our Government should be put to task to hold them accountable, challenge them for answers and see that the perpetrators are brought to book,” he said.

Olive Najjuma, the show’s Co-host in addition said, “A few weeks back on the show Brunch Talk, I talked to Ronnie Mukundane the Public Relations Manager of the Uganda Association of External Recruitment Agencies (UAERA).

He said that Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that established a Memorandum Of Understanding with Uganda to receive female Ugandans and that the Ugandan Government follows up on the wellbeing of these girls.

Now when I see that she was sent to Saudi Arabia and then Egypt, where was the recruitment firm and the Government?” She questioned.

Fatboy further blamed the Government for creating terrible economic circumstances that coerced people who were no longer working due to lockdowns restrictions to travel abroad in search of jobs, only to experience such inhumane treatment.

“Many people are desperate for employment and the two years of lockdown rendered many jobless and struggling. Think of all those that would otherwise be employed as barmaids, waiters and waitresses but had to be at home without jobs. Of course they will consider such opportunities to go work as housemaids, only to be met with this kind of treatment. It’s very unfortunate.”

The Presenter then suggested that the Government needs to be more responsible on several levels, firstly for creating terrible economic circumstances that made people resort to traveling abroad in search of greener pastures; and secondly doing nothing when these people are harmed.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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