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Fatboy And Olive: Our Attitude Towards Problems Earned Us The 117th Place In Happiness Report

Despite the social, political and economic difficulties in the country, Uganda was named the happiest country in East Africa in the annual World Happiness Report, beating neighbouring Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda in the East African bloc.

Uganda took the 117th place ahead of Kenya that was ranked 119, Tanzania at 139 and Rwanda 143, out of 146 countries on the globe.

With a less than average economy, one wonders why Uganda would rank happiest than its economically greater counterparts in East Africa.

Giving their thoughts to this, The Fatboy Show Presenters Olive Najjuma and Fatboy opined that the attitude Ugandans exhibit towards all sorts of problems has enabled them gain the country the position.

“I think it’s the aspect of attitude because Ugandans will make fun out of any sad situation, either through memes or funny posts on social media. We have a good sense of humour,” opined Olive.

She argued that Ugandans are not the type to dwell on the negatives, but instead develop humour out of bad situations to overcome them. Her Co-host Fatboy agreed, adding that in most cases when a Ugandan is aggrieved and someone makes fun of their circumstance on social media, they will resort to exchanging abuses and before long, the problem will cease to be the centre of attention.

“Even in depressing circumstances like heartbreaks, Ugandans seem to have grown rhino skin,” he said as he went on to recount a saga surrounding a married couple well known in the media sphere where the husband was involved in a sex scandal with another woman in September last year. As many Ugandans expected and awaited a divorce, they were left disappointed as the couple weathered the storm and are even reported to be expecting a child.

“Given how far along she would be if that baby bump was indicative of her pregnancy, it means that the baby was conceived after the scandal broke, and that the man was long forgiven of his infidelities,” Fatboy said.

The Presenter added, “It just makes you love Ugandans, we are a lovely bunch of people. We don't allow ourselves to stay down. You can knock us down but we won't stay down.”

Topping the list for the fifth time in a row was countries Finland, followed by Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and Netherlands and Botswana, Rwanda, Zimbabwe holding positions 142, 143 and 144 respectively, Lebanon at 145 and Afghanistan holding the bottom position at 146.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive and Sarah every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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