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Fatboy and Olive Comment On The IGG’s Corruption Fight At The OPM

RX Radio Presenters Fatboy aka James Onen and Olive Najjuma were today morning discussing the Office of The Prime Minister which was recently slammed by the IGG for corruption.

While in a week-long retreat at the National Leadership Institute at Kyankwanzi last Friday, The Inspector General of Government Beti Kamya remarked that the Office of the Prime Minister is the epitome of practitioners and beneficiaries of corruption as revealed by whistleblowers at her desk.

She added that when investigations being done on some officials gets done, ‘heads will roll.’

Fatboy inquisitive about the IGG’s statements, wondered whether the President’s Office wasn’t the topper of corruption scandals given that people in that office are at liberty to do as they wish without expecting to be held accountable.

In response, Olive said that the Office of the Prime Minister is also close to the President’s Office given that they run government business and the fact that corruption scandals occur there often.

“In the recent past, there have been so many corruption scandals by offices within the Office of the Prime Minister. Just last year there were some arrested for inflating relief food prices and the list goes on, every single year there’s a scandal at that office.”

Olive added, “I guess it is mainly because they get to decide on the big deals and tenders and a lot of money goes around. You can find a group of five guys dividing four billion shillings among themselves.”

She added that though some of the corrupt officials get exposed and arrested they are eventually released; for example last year when the charges against some of the officials were dropped by the IGG.

Furthermore, the duo hoped that the IGG doesn't end at making the statements without taking action on holding those involved in corruption accountable for the vice.

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