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Fatboy: Africa Will Only Be Given Pseudo Representation At The UN Security Council


In a meeting with the African Union (AU) Committee of Heads Of State C-10 about reforming the UN Security Council, President Museveni tasked the UN to provide two permanent seats for representation of Africa since they are entitled to them.

He said this during the 9th Ministerial meeting that took place last Thursday where he also mentioned that ‘membership in the council wouldn't be a favour but a right of people from all over the world.’

In a comment he made regarding this, James Onen aka Fatboy opined that demanding for inclusion in the UN Security council shows how weak Africa is because without any leverage to back their requests, even when the positions are granted, they would be pseudo.

“We like to trump our chests about how we are strong and powerful; but if essentially you have to beg for a seat at the table, haven't you just revealed your weakness? Because did countries like China have to demand for seats in the Security Council? I am sure they were invited because when the big powers see that you're no joke, they will ask you to join them,” he said.

He added, “If you're offered a seat only because you have complained, they will give you a token one. It will be like the black empowerment policy in South Africa in which every company had to have a percentage of black employees. White company owners fixed any black person they could find but he would have no decision making power however with the requirement fulfilled. So even if Nigeria or Uganda are given such seats, they will similarly have no say in decisions.”

Olive Najjuma, the show’s Co-host, claimed that Africa still deserves a seat at the UN Security Council because of its significance to European countries. Fatboy in disregard, mentioned that whereas European countries might need Africa, they don't have to offer the seats on the Council because the countries can still exercise neocolonialism or force to take what they want from Africa.

However, Olive seconding President Museveni statements regarding non-inclusion that he says has resulted in insurgencies on the continent, said, “Many African leaders such as Patrice Lumumba and Gaddafi were terminated because of decisions made by the Security Council. So when he comes out and gains the support of others and says we need two permanent seats, he is right.”

On the contrary, Fatboy mentioned that without leverage to back the threats/demands, African countries won't have anything to do even after their request is objected to. “If I were a true Pan Africanist, I would embark on strengthening my military power and forming alliances with neighbouring countries to build my strength to the point where the discussion would be on our (African) terms and not theirs,” he remarked.

Olive, in agreement, said that this way the Council would voluntarily invite the continent which would also have the ability to exit at will. Having recognized that having a position and influence in the Council are different, she held that at-least African countries could start the journey of getting involved by speaking up and making these demands.

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