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Electric Cars Are Far Less Costly Than Fuel Cars - Kira Motors

While addressing the nation on the high cost of living, President Museveni held that removing taxes on fuel is no solution and instead advised Ugandans to adopt the use of electric cars, which are relatively cheaper and of low maintenance.

This according to Thatcher Nakimuli Mpanga, the Product design manager of Kira motors is true. She explained that fossil fuels are a non-renewable resource that is running low in reserves globally and the solution to this is adopting another alternative means of energy.

Nakimuli said that once Ugandans adopt electric cars, they’ll realize that their maintenance costs are low compared to Diesel or Petroleum cars.

“Whereas you may pay less for a fuel-powered car, you will spend much more on ownership and maintenance. You spend 100 percent on the total costs of acquisition and ownership of the electric cars and save 60 percent, meaning it is cheaper,” she said.

Nakimuli reported that electric cars can take 900,000 kilometers in their lifetime minus engine hauling or replacement as opposed to the 200,000 kilometers taken by fuel cars.

She reported that the buses and motorcycles on the market don’t emit any dangerous gases and are environment friendly.

“For example, the Kayoola EVS manufactured by Kira Motors is a zero-emission vehicle producing zero grams of carbonate to the environment whereas a typical diesel bus might emit 1.2 kilograms of carbon per kilometer daily,” she said.

According to her, Kira Motors can create cars that fit the population of Uganda. However, she noted that the first vehicles produced are buses which are currently on the market on the road, transporting civil aviation staff from Kampala to Entebbe.

These emit no sound because they do not use engines, and use 360 Uganda Shillings for energy on a daily, which is way cheaper compared to the Price of petrol and Diesel. She adds that the vehicles do not need engine oil servicing because they do not use fuel.

Kira Motors is a state-owned automotive company established to foster value addition in the transport sector by developing, making, and repairing vehicles and vehicle parts in Uganda, East Africa, and the African market.

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