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DJ Bush Baby: The Accident Made Me feel Like My Manhood Was Being Taken Away

Renowned Deejay and Media Personality Micheal Owor aka DJ Bush Baby, while recalling the traumatic mini-fatal accident he had in early 2021, said that he felt like part of himself had been torn off him.

On April 12th 2021, the 46-year-old was doing domestic work when he fell into a manhole around his home compound, fracturing his pelvic bones and injuring other critical organs such as his urethra and bladder. He was then subjected to various treatments before his final surgery on 16th July 2021, after a public call raised the shs.15 million for the procedure.

Bush Baby, appearing on today’s Fatboy Show, said that although he had gone through a successful surgery, the nasty incident left him with emotional scars and afflictions such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“I knew I was out of danger but then I had to face the new reality, the time lost and what I was going through because the pain was too much. I wasn't really bothered about how society would look at me but it was one of those situations where I felt like my manhood was being taken away. It ruptured my ego and self esteem,” he recounted.

Fatboy then curiously asked him whether the incident had affected his bedroom abilities to which the Deejay jokingly responded by asking if there was anyone he could “sample.” DJ Bush Baby confessed that fortunately, it didn't.

Tragic tale aside, DJ Bush Baby narrated that at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, he was experiencing career fatigue and had opted to venture into other creative spaces where he spotted a lot of opportunities.

As part of his current career prospects, he revealed that he ventured into content production and started up an online television known as Vuqa, which has been working on since 2016. Despite being started earlier than RX Radio, he acknowledged that he is observing, taking lessons and the solutions he can implement in the digital space like Fatboy.

Proprietor of the online RX Radio, Fatboy too admitted that as one of those trekking into new media, there have been a number of bumps but that he is more confident about the future.

“One of the hardest things encountered when using new ways of distributing content and new technologies is that when appealing to potential clients in the market for instance for advertising opportunities as a commercial enterprise, you'll be met by many questions because everyone is afraid of trying something new.”

He continued, “We've been fortunate to interact with forward thinking clients who recognise the wave of the future and how media is becoming indispensable with technology. They see a certain number of audiences thriving on it and they appreciate us as mediums to reach them. I will admit that it's going to take time, and for the start it’s slow but it's growing and as long as we stick and hold on, it will only grow and even more so benefit those who will join in the future.”

He noted that with the increasing technology and recognition of digitalization, mobile technological companies such as Samsung and Apple are also transitioning from including frequency modulation radio to digital apps and streaming sites on their devices; something that media content providers and other companies need to put serious thought and consideration into if they are to survive in the near future.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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