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Dealing with Depression: Anita shares her experience on RX Radio

According to World Health Organization, (WHO), the Covid-19 Pandemic has increased depression among young Africans.

Anita Atuhaire, a multi-talented 29year-old Ugandan female is among the Ugandans that were affected by the Covid-19 lockdown in Uganda. She lost her job, went through a break-up and survived almost getting killed.

While appearing t on the Groove Café feature on RX Radio hosted by Crystal Newman, Anita revealed that after all the challenges she faced in 2020, she went into a depression that she is still struggling with.

“I felt sad and abandoned most of the times. I was at the brink of giving up and that’s when I realized that I was socking in self-pity. I made a decision to start a new journey of self-discovery, I wanted to start afresh and rebuild myself,” She said.

The self-made blogger, photographer and graphic designer said she has started a personal blog to help out young people that are dealing with depression and other social challenges.

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