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Daniel Omara: Why Do American Celebrity Investors Want Uganda's Land But Aren’t Willing To Buy It?

The list of American celebrities expressing interest in investing in Uganda is increasing day by day.

Celebrated musicians like Kanye West presented grand ideas to President Museveni like turning the country into “a Jurassic Park”, while RnB artiste Akon peddled the idea of creating a futuristic smart city powered by cryptocurrency to which he was allotted land in Mukono District.

More recent news that sent tongues wagging and made rounds on Twitter was of the star of the renowned television series Empire, Terrence Howard’s speech concerning, his discovery of the “Grand Unified Field Equation” a kind of hydrogen technology that will replace helicopters, planes, and drones According to him, it will protect the sovereignty of the country as far as technology is concerned.

His rather technical speech left many confused while others suspected another scam of sorts that Terrence was planning. Some alleged the actor was bold to claim an innovation of the Unified Field Equation when he did not complete his degree in Engineering at Pratt Institute where he claims to have studied and invented the Hydrogen theory.

Commenting about the actor’s pitch to President Museveni, the Hear Me Out show presenters Daniel Omara and guest host Don Andre reacted to Terrence’s controversial claims of removing plastics from the ocean yet Uganda is landlocked.

They imagined it was a speech for another African country. In addition, they concluded it was a scheme aimed at acquiring land from the government just like his counterpart Akon.

“Akon wanted land to set up a city. Why is it that everyone wants land but none of the celebrities is willing to buy it? We are having trouble dividing the land with our family members and you (Terrence) want free land from our government?” Daniel Wondered.

He continued that although Terrence’s, flying bangles technology sounded a great innovation that could help people flying get past all the checkpoints, and enable couples to make love in the air, seeking free land can’t be an option Ugandans are willing to accept.

A guest host of the show surmised that Terrence misinterpreted President Museveni’s appeal to black Americans to return to Africa and to take advantage of the call by trying to convince the President to avail him of land.

He related Terence’s argument to a street child who sees a fellow being called back home by their parent and tells their friend to listen to their parent so that they both can return home.

“The message was not his although he took it. I think that's how Terrence ended up here. The message was not his, but he took it. He grabbed opportunities like; ‘let us go home with an Asian wife and here they are, back home,” the comedian added.

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