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Daniel Omara: Kissing Should Be Included In Etiquette Classes

In celebrations of the International Lips Day, Daniel Omara has suggested that kissing be taught as part of personal etiquette.

His conversation with his Co-host James Onen commonly known as Fatboy, stemmed from their observations that many women lacked the skill yet they often complain about men being poor kissers.

“Kissing should be added to the list of things taught as basic etiquette because it's very annoying to the other party if they are good at it and the other isn't and is just trying to suck your lips off,” Daniel proposed.

Daniel additionally said that since kissing is the outset of intimacy, if a partner doesn't know how to do it then their foreplay is most likely sketchy as well. “Kissing is like the starter pack, then there's the downloadable content- there's all those other packages of foreplay that you only get after you've purchased kissing.”

Commenting on the topic, Fatboy reasoned that kissing might be an indication of post-colonialism and maybe the lips need to be used for only eating as the President once said; instead of using them for foreign acts that forefathers never practiced.

However, Daniel responded that maybe in the past, people never knew the purpose of erogenous zones as the current generation does, saying that they would just get down to business without foreplay.

There are quite a number of diverse theories to the origin of kissing, with the most popular being premastication transfer of food from mothers to their children that involved lip-on-lip contact that even animals such as chimpanzees practice. Premastication is the act of chewing food for the purpose of breaking it down to feed another which in most cases are babies or toddlers.

The duo also talked about lip care which is mostly neglected by men who view that as women’s business. Fatboy when on to say that society disregards men who wear lipbalm and view them as gay.

Daniel however gave advice to men who take extra attention to shape their bears and hair but then have pale lips. “Lip care is important for men. Lip balm and not lip gloss,” he clarified. Fatboy added that taking extra care for the lips as well adds to a man’s appearance and swag.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive and Sarah every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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