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Daniel Omara: It's a shame for Angela Katatumba not to know how to cook

Renowned comedian and radio presenter Daniel Omara took aim at Ugandans that supported singer Angela Katatumba when she said that she did not know how to cook or clean.

During today's 'Hear Me Out' on RX Radio, Omara said that everyone regardless of whether they are female or male should have the basic skill of taking care of themselves.

"I was disappointed to hear some Ugandans supporting Angela. I believe as a human being, you should know how to take care of yourself. What if she found herself in a situation where her maid could not help her, would she die of hunger or live in a dirty environment?" Omara said.

His co-host Phillip Matogo also noted that it is misguided confidence for a woman to say she does not know how to cook and be proud about it.

"The problem is that we are trying to force western culture in the Ugandan environment which is not reasonable because whatever we do, we are Ugandans and our culture will remain for many years," he said.

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